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Working upon theology, helping us draw closer to the mysteries of the ancients and promoting the wisdom of our ancestors is a passion of mine that I greatly enjoy.

I dedicate a significant amount of my time towards researching and writing all for the love of our gods and for the restoration of their deserving cult. It is not a passion that I wish to profit monetarily from; but nonetheless, this is an era curated towards endless productivity at the expense of personal spiritual development and knowledge.

I have no intention of relenting in my work; my financial situation would never interrupt my pursuit of its end. However, there are projects I desire to fulfil which are currently beyond my reach due to either constraints in my time or finance, restraining my output.

There are also the costs involved with hosting this site (and I refuse to spoil it with intrusive advertisements) and the cost of literature I purchase for my research. I also wish to improve the site in a number of ways such as a private forum and using plugins to better present content; however, these options are locked behind WordPress’ Business plan.

If you value my work and wish to support me by making my life a little easier, all donations of any amount are deeply appreciated and go far in helping make this work of mine a sustainable labour to continue.

May the Gods bless and guide you in good providence.