The below is a work-in-progress collection of all my previous works and posts from my old Facebook page. There is a large amount of writing needing to be edited and posted, so not all my writing is currently available. Check back regularly to find more posts. I will make an announcement when I have finished archiving all of my posts.

Christian defacing of statues; its origin in the Oral Torah.

[22 May, 2020] Some very important revelations from the Hebrew Mishnah (see Avodah Zarah tractate which prescribes laws regarding dealing with gentiles) that reveals further evidence for Christianity being an instrument for the subversion of Europe toward ulterior ends. As you likely know, Christians in Europe defaced many statues of gods, heroes, and deified genii […]

Regarding common criticisms of Neoplatonism

This article was written on 14/07/2020 and is an archived post from Fashevik Truths for Esoteric Youths. Severel edits have been made to better clarify some of my points and some small amounts of extra information have been added to complement them. It was posted originally in three parts, so hence their divisions. Part 1 […]

Short on Pax Deorum.

[2019] What is the purpose of life and to what goal or intention should we be aspiring? Appearing absent perhaps in the more simpler understandings of our ancient religions, or even sometimes in the more complex ones, is a succinct and clear purpose for our individual human lives. In my view the purpose of life […]

On knowledge, wisdom, mind, and the gods.

[24 July 2020] There are told many understandings in regards to the metaphysics of reality, some we find to be more compliant with truth than others, and from the philosophical discourse of metaphysics are attempts to deduce our picture of what is authentically real. It is sometimes maybe thought to be the ugly side of […]