Unity of gods and titans.

Few know, but titans and gods are truthfully one and the same. Saturn and Jove are of one unbroken and undifferentiated existence preserved in divinity, indistinguishable from one another in their real essence.

So why are titans and gods treated as separate deities?

Why tradition has distinguished titans from gods is owed to the ‘ontological lateness’ of the human mind, obscuring our view. By when the divine light has trickled to us in a form our minds can apprehend (sense), the image of truth it carries is already in great multiplicity.

Thus in this light we see a multitude of activities, the light having been fractured and dispersed and actualised in many differentiated ways- akin to a ray of light passing through a crystal, it dispersing into many rays and darting in many directions, yet has only one source.

Now because we receive the rays first in their dispersed and multiplicated state and not as one, our first knowledge of them is by their differentiated identities and not by their unity. This is not in itself a human blunder, rather it is a necessity of what we are.

However, what is humanity’s blunder is when it is nescient to the unity underlying the totality of the perceivable differentiated. The divine procession of light first fills our minds with the many, but failure to revert the many back unto the one is the cause of all ignorance.

Thus that we name titan and that we name god are integrally unified and of the divine, but their unitary ray of emanation that enters into the sensible realm is perceptively dispersed into an illusory duality of procession and reversion.

The “titanic ray” in this duality continues to disperse itself into greater division, forming the basis for cosmic difference as every dispersion of light is necessarily differentiated from the ray it had dispersed from.

Now its false opposite in the illusory duality, the “Olympic illumine”, acts as the total unifier of all the differentiated generated from the dispersed titanic rays. Although a ray of light can be found in many different places, all are unified by the illumination they shine.

The Olympic illumine is the titan ray’s luminosity, it unifying the many-different into a shared mutuality that enables them to be perceived together, just as the innumerable multitude of differentiated things can be see in spite of their difference, owed to their unity in light.

Thus, as said earlier, it is by the titanic ray that the mind is processionally filled with the many, but it is by the Olympic illumine that the titanic-many is illuminated and reverted back into a contained mutual unity.

But is it not plain folly to suppose a ray of light without luminosity? Or illumination without a ray of light? They are integral, always one, their reducibility into separate identities only an accident of thought and not a reality.

Such is the same in divine procession and reversion. The divine procession we identify with the titans is the same as the divine reversion we identify with the Olympic gods, their seeming reducibility into opposing identities being only possible within the ignorant mind.

So do we conclude that we should unify the gods and titans together in our tradition?

No. Our reversion is in the reception of the multitude and the coming to unity via that reception. We must receive the titanic so to transform it into the Olympic.

By ordering our traditional knowledge of divinity by the orders of titans and gods, we establish within tradition the total of perceivable reality, thus ensuring its continued availability as a spiritual primer for engendering our own psychical reversion via their unity.

We are, after all, upon the path of reversion. The conscious life itself is an effect of reversion, not procession. Hence why the Olympic gods are given our primary worship, they the leaders of reversion that institute perfection in the otherwise imperfect.

Their demiurgic work reflects this, deifying the cosmos by imparting to it its intrinsic goodness and thus weaving into the whole of existence the signs toward salvation.

Once we surmount all that confuses and attain at last the true vision, we will know unity and be united with it: as much is inferred, I believe, in the release of Prometheus from his fate by Heracles as permissioned by Zeus, and Zeus’s eventual restitution of the Titans.