Letter to the Germans.

I’m afraid to say it, but I’m getting tired of the vast bulk of stupidity within the European religious community coming almost entirely from Germanic/Nordic pagans.

What is wrong with your souls? Why do so many of you indulge in such stupid and incoherent conceptions of the gods?

So many of you say, “the gods are not perfect, the gods are not all good, the gods are limited, the gods are not omnipotent nor omniscient nor omnipresent, the gods commit vice, the gods are driven by wants, the gods are not immortal, the gods can die, the gods can break law, the gods can be punished.”

And worse, when your offensive impiety is corrected, and you are shown by reason of the soul the gods are immortal and do not die, the gods are free of evil temptations, the gods are all-good and perfect, you spout in response, “You are wrong, your ideas are Abrahamic, they come from Christianity. Our gods are not perfect, they are limited.”

Foremost, in address to your ignorance, the truth of godly perfection was established by our most sublime and divine philosophers over 500 years before the death of Jesus and well before the writing of any advanced Judaic metaphysics that was tantamount to the theological excellence our ancestral wisdom established for us.

How are you to declare with such unerring certainty anything in regards to the theology of the ancient Germans when any details of their deeper theological beliefs is totally absent from our remaining knowledge of them? Why do you take as your religion the most direct readings of the sagas, presuming foremost the totality of their truth, and also that in taking them as they are you emulate the ancient understanding?

And then worse from all this is your arrogance in establishing its truth, wherein ideas of gods and men are formed by ancient legends for which you have no wise men to interpret theologically nor mainframe prescribed by them through which to interpret. Instead, you have near always resorted to a method of interpretation in emulation of American Christians in their most haphazard and personalised interpretations of scripture that is totally divorced from the tradition within which it was written.

And it is then, after having nominalised the Germanic faith, that you begin to sneer at what you deem in ignorance and misunderstanding to be the “Abrahamic” religious conceptions which exalt and ennoble the gods, treating them as they truly are.

Is it not clear that in your soul is a residue wickedness which keeps you impious? You have yet to even know the gods, in spite of your professing to know them, because you relate to them as one might relate to men and think little better of them when naming in them limitation, vice, and even death.

Insist, if you really must, on worshipping the religion of your ancestors. In truth, there is no betraying the gods of your ancestors should you find better conceptions of them; to the contrary, it only heightens and strengthens your pious dedication to them.

However, should you need to cling to it so strongly and immovably, being compelled by whatever cause, you are completely and utterly out of your depth, in the realm of stupendous error, and in a state of total hypocrisy should you then begin to use your tenuous position to launch criticism against the immaculately excellent theology of the Greeks and Romans.

Unalike the spurious patchwork of theological reconstructions your “theologians” have derived through etymological autism and poetic extrapolation, the Greco-Roman religion is not in want of primary sources, there is none of this lack of certainty with regards to what the Hellenes and Romans truly believed, and no wondering as to how the myths were known to the wisemen contemporary to the era.

It is simply profoundly childish to speak so poorly and so negatively towards Europe’s most excellent and gifted philosophers and theologians when you most certainly have not even the faintest idea of what they say and mean, the gift of divine reason having been clearly robbed from you by your soul’s stupidity, and when the foundation upon which you stand is kept together by little more than masking tape and glue.

Perhaps it is not all Germanic pagans, I would dearly hope it’s not, but, by Jove, it is an overwhelming number of them that hold to stupidity over superiority. You are slandering the gods with your impious lies and dishonouring their truth, and you are spitting upon the divine Europeans who came to us to grant their rare knowledge for the sake of your sentiments.

I’ve resisted saying this for a long time, but the dumb have continued to reign.