Primer on the reality of the immaterial.

This article is a relatively drawn out series of propositions intended to be a ‘from basics’ primer for belief in the immaterial. It endeavours to leverage reason and observation for the purpose of deducing the strong case for there being […]

On Abortion

Since it’s the topic of the moment: what is the moral position on abortion? It’s in fact not a very complex question. To begin with, we must quickly dispense with the absurdity sometimes argued that the foetus has no true […]

Short thoughts on the soul.

It is common to treat our self-consciousness as being synonymous with the soul-mind itself. We know our bodies to be our own, but we do not have knowledge of our bodies in a way that differs from the way we […]

Unity of gods and titans.

Few know, but titans and gods are truthfully one and the same. Saturn and Jove are of one unbroken and undifferentiated existence preserved in divinity, indistinguishable from one another in their real essence. So why are titans and gods treated […]


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