Postmodernism, relationships, and tradition.

Ever since time immemorial, every human society had established traditions regulating the relations between men and women because the laissez-faire approach to relationships the West has adopted at the behest of the Sexual Revolution is completely unhuman and dysfunctional. Humans […]

Primer on the reality of the immaterial.

This article is a relatively drawn out series of propositions intended to be a ‘from basics’ primer for belief in the immaterial. It endeavours to leverage reason and observation for the purpose of deducing the strong case for there being […]

On Abortion.

Since it’s the topic of the moment: what is the moral position on abortion? It’s in fact not a very complex question. To begin with, we must quickly dispense with the absurdity sometimes argued that the foetus has no true […]

Short thoughts on the soul.

It is common to treat our self-consciousness as being synonymous with the soul-mind itself. We know our bodies to be our own, but we do not have knowledge of our bodies in a way that differs from the way we […]


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